3 03 2009

hello charlton year sixes of charlton

3 03 2009

This is quiz number 21. I hope it helps! quiz 22 coming saturday!

Classroom Quizzes

1. What is a baby Girraffe called. ANSWER= Calf

2.What is double 77. ANSWER=154

3.Wich city is located on the river thames. ANSWER=London

4.Monday was named after what. ANSWER=The Moon

5. What word starting with p is an antonym of teacher. ANSWER=proffesser

6.How many players are there in a netball team. ANSWER=7

7.which disease starting with m is carried by the mosquito. ANSWER=malaria

8.Mutton is the meat from wich animal. ANSWER=sheep

9.In wich country can you find the parthenon. ANSWER=greece

10.New York is the capital city of USA. true or false. ANSWER=false

11.Was Mozart a famous explorer, inventor or composer. ANSWER=composer

12.What is a cloak and dagger story

(a) a spy story  (b) science fiction (c) romance   ANSWER.(a)a spy story

13.Is a fiasco a complete success or failure. ANSWER=Failure

14.What is the worlds largest lake

(a) Caspian sea (b) Lake superior (c) Lake victoria    ANSWER=(a) caspian sea

15.How many millimetres in 4.6 centimetres. ANSWER=46

16.Before entering a japaise home you must remove what . ANSWER=shoes

17.What is the name of frances currency. ANSWER=euros

18.Are high or low sounds made when your vocal cords are loose. ANSWER=low

19.In africa, how many days are there in january. ANSWER=31

20.Prince Charles children are…………and………… ANSWER=Harry and William